Success with Joy!

Our Mission

Joy-Ellen's personal mission is to be a guide to others in creating an extraordinary quality of life, and leave a legacy of love, laughter, and learning.

Thanks for teaching us this class, Joy-Ellen. I really got a lot out of it and am inspired to reach a lot higher for myself -- to articulate my personal and professional goals, and then to move towards them.

    -- Anne Lewis

Once you discover what your guiding principles / values and mission are, you can begin to make personal and professional choices that are synergistic with these.

Through our practical success skills, we help individuals and organizations to discover, plan, and achieve their goals to improve processes and to become more effective and successful.

With the appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools, you can live into your own legacy. Also, organizations become successful when their people and processes are more effective.

Tools for Success

What are the secrets to becoming more productive as an individual or an organization? Success with Joy! can show the people in your organization how to gain control, set and achieve goals, increase their productivity, and have the life balance they desire.

We provide a variety of talks, programs, workshops, and consulting to give individuals the skills they need to:

These success skills include a combination of high- and low-technology solutions, and are customized depending on the audience. We can also provide consulting for improving operational processes. Contact us today to make your event truly special.

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