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Thank you so much for your timely workshop on Time Management! Many of our learners expressed their pleasure and gratitude for hearing and receiving your knowledge.

Hector, one of our learners, said you provided a great service for parents and the community.

    -- Pat Bathelder, San Jose Public Library

Joy-Ellen Lipsky, the principal of Success with Joy! has written several useful articles. We've reprinted some of them here, as a beneficial and effective example of her work.

We offer these articles on a nonexclusive basis. You may reprint or repost this material as long as Joy-Ellen's name and contact information is included:
+1 408.513.4418
Copyright © 2000-2004 Success with Joy!

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Effective Time Management:
Conquering the Information Deluge

Bay Area Professional Speakers Newsletter articles

These are further examples of Joy-Ellen's work, from the Bay Area Professional Speakers newsletter.

If you have a subject you'd particularly like to see reviewed, please feel free to contact us.

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