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Cover of book Joy-Ellen's most recent work is a chapter in the collaboratively written self-help book Success is a Decision of the Mind.

Read a review of the book, written by audiologist Melanie Herzfeld, Au.D.

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Reviews of "Success Is A Decision of the Mind"

Success Is A Decision of The Mind

compiled by Dr. Kathy Foltner
Insight Publishing Company
Tennessee, 2004

Success is everyman's dream and yet frequently elusive. Gathered within the covers of this book are eleven essays written by twelve successful individuals, each intending to help the reader push forward into a more successful state.

The full text of the review is also available. writes:

A collaboration of experts -- don't miss a chapter of these insightful writings from twelve of America's top authorities on success and achievement! Each author brings practical and real-world strategies that will inspire you to examine your dreams and take steps to achieve true success!

List of contributors:
  • Terry Nelson
  • Joan Gustafson
  • Dr. Kathy Foltner
  • Beverly Inman-Ebel
  • Joy-Ellen Lipsky
  • Don Benton
  • Paul Wilson
  • Dr. Craig Overmeyer
  • Jeff Tobe
  • Ruben Perczek, Ph.D.
  • Tim Roberts
  • Rick Houcek

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