Success with Joy!

A Review By Dr. Foltner

Success Is A Decision of The Mind

compiled by Dr. Kathy Foltner
Insight Publishing Company
Tennessee, 2004

Success is everyman's dream and yet frequently elusive. Gathered within the covers of this book are eleven essays written by twelve successful individuals, each intending to help the reader push forward into a more successful state.

These are not secrets to success like those that appear on television at two or three in the morning. "Buy this book for $29.95 and all the secrets of achieving a million in income in your first year of business will be told." These instead are ideas that a successful individual needs to accept in order to move forward positively. And interestingly if one reads the essays, it is more than applicable to handling patients in your audiological practices.

While the concept of embracing your death is off-putting, in fact it becomes clear pretty rapidly that the idea is not to spend valuable time fighting what cannot be changed. Instead attempting to change only those things that can be changed and should be changed. We should spend time making what we have enjoyable, making our goals approachable and enjoying the time we spend reaching those goals.

Clearly we can all relate to many of the experiences described by fellow audiologist Kathy Foltner. We might not be heading up one of the largest businesses, but surely we can identify with her keys to success. We do need to "be a master of how to, not a master of excuses," we do need to "have a can do, will do attitude," we need to "be a model of integrity" and we need to "honor... physical and emotional being."

These concepts are not new. Perhaps though on reading them, you too will be reminded of why you selected a given field as yours, why you wanted to be successful and why you may succeed.

Of additional special mention is the essay "Communicate Your Way to Success" by Jeff Tobe. Just reading these points as a lesson in rehabilitation and counseling, its points are all valid for those audiologists who deal with people. Listening is definitely part of the scope of practice of audiologists. And when Tim Roberts describes OTHERS, an acronym he uses in Chapter Ten, he was definitely thinking of audiologists in clinical practices.

All the tools presented may not turn your practice into a million-dollar venture. But if you attempt to follow at least some of the concepts suggested, it seems pretty clear that you will enjoy your profession a lot more and that in and of itself will help guarantee you a certain degree of success.

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