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Collected together on this page is all the information you need to prepare for Joy-Ellen's appearance at your event, and to be sure the event is a success. Read Joy-Ellen's notes for Event Planners, including tips and a brief bio you may use.

We have a list of themed Programs you may request for your specific event. Should you so choose, Success with Joy! can also create a customized program for your organization to help with:

Your Event Program

Conference and company events, training sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops are also available. Here are some of the programs we offer:

Having the T.I.M.E. of Your Life

Why is it you never seem to have enough time? Are you finding it impossible to juggle work and personal time?

Employees, especially in high-tech, are now responsible for two to three times the workload that was expected ten years ago. Now add in the increasing amount of messaging that you need to handle -- how can you more effectively handle all the demands on your time?

Come learn the secrets of time and life management, using state of the art methods and married to proven principles. Get the tricks and techniques to prioritize and implement your goals, action items, and to organize your information and your life -- to make every moment count. Have the time of your life!

Thanks so much for your presentation "Finding Your Path and Passion" at our August 16th meeting.

It was an appropriate and motivating topic to kick-off the year! You are truly tops as a guest speaker!

    -- Doreen Senior, American Business Women's Association

Finding Your Path and Passion

When you die, will your dreams still be within you? If you had your life to live over again -- would you choose differently? Are you living in Passion Poverty?

Come (re)discover the things you love in life, what fires you up, and what legacy you want to leave. Create your dream job, retirement, or volunteer activities, and build your plan to get what you desire into your life on a day-to-day basis.

Walking the Labyrinth -- Metaphor for Your Life Path

The Labyrinth is an ancient archetype which can aid us in the modern world, as a metaphor for our journey through life. Walking a Labyrinth provides us with an opportunity to find inner peace, reduce stress, and experience connection, clarity, and self-knowledge.

Learn the history, benefits, applications, and guidelines of walking the Labyrinth. Experience this walking meditation practice for yourself.

Success Skills for the New Millenium

Communication, Effectiveness, Leadership, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Planning, Conflict Management -- these are the skills which pave the way to success.

This interactive presentation provides you with the how-to's necessary for you to develop these skills and jumpstart your career. Whether you are a techie, administrative, or management, you must possess the characteristics of a successful, self-driven, and ever evolving employee or entrepreneur, in the new millennium.

Project Planning and Management

Would you build a new house without a blueprint? Would you start a new business without a business plan? Any multi-step project or activity should have a plan that begins with the what, when, where, and desired results.

Who are the key decision makers, subject matter experts, and team members on the project? How do you analyze the risks and prepare to mitigate? What is the critical path? How do you track progress? Learn the steps to successful project creation, implementation, and close, in this overview level workshop.

UnStress for Success

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Burned out? Bummed out?

The level of stress in the workplace has escalated with each reduction in force and outsourcing. Come learn the techniques and practices that help you to handle the demands of life in the fast lane. Experience a new level of calm and peace by putting these techniques to work for you.

Conquering the Information Deluge

Employees are now spending three hours in meetings, two hours processing mail/email, and a half-hour locating information, per day. Add to this an increased workload, increased workday, increased commute time, and you have a recipe for high stress, low productivity, and job dissatisfaction.

Learn how to effectively deal with your messaging, meetings, and information through practical, proven tips and techniques. Conquer your information overload by taming technology.

Work-Life Balance

Many people think if you work in high-tech you can't have a life. BALANCE comes from understanding the various aspects of your life, and prioritizing where to spend your time. It's a matter of discovering what kind of life you really want, creating a plan -- and making that plan happen.

Learn the six steps to creating a life you love, and the techniques to keep your life in balance. Only you can make the difference!

For Event Planners

For your convenience, here is a brief bio you may use to introduce Joy-Ellen at your event:

Joy-Ellen Lipsky, a.k.a. The Effectiveness Expert, is a software engineer, manager, speaker, and trainer who specializes in success skills and effectiveness. She is a certified computing professional, a member of the National Speakers Association, a facilitator for Franklin Covey seminars, and has received numerous awards and recognition.

Her career has been very eclectic -- from government to startups to Fortune 500 companies -- from technical to training and marketing. This breadth of background has given Joy-Ellen an understanding of the needs of individuals and companies, for increasing personal and professional productivity.

Joy-Ellen has traveled the world as a presenter -- and it is our privilege to have her with us today. Success with Joy's mission is simple: to help individuals and organizations become more effective. Let's welcome Joy-Ellen Lipsky...

Other tips for events

Thanks again for bringing your enthusiasm and talents to teaching such valuable and inspiring material.

    -- Lisa Eldridge, Tandem Computers

If your event has more than 50 attendees, we recommend a raised platform which is high enough to give the audience a clear view of Joy-Ellen while she is speaking. She will also require the following:

These tips will help you and Joy-Ellen provide an optimum experience for all your event attendees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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