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The following businesses and individuals are helpful and informative people, and we are happy to recommend their services. We have listed Associates, and professional Affiliations we are members of.


Big Picture Perspective

Nan Andrews Amish is a multidisciplinary, collaborative business strategist with three major areas of expertise: organizing strategic excellence, integrating strategic organizational service, and consulting to health care organizations.

de Clifford International

Elizabeth de Clifford has worked with business leaders, technology managers, and medical professionals, and can help you too master the communication techniques and skills that create competitive advantage.

Linda Lenore

Linda Lenore, one of only three non-Asian Feng Shui Masters in the US, inspires her audiences to find the "pearl of great price" in their life, and helps them through life transitions.

Marketing Massage

Monica Roseberry embodies her own belief: that massage therapists and bodyworkers hold the key to dramatically shifting our culture's relationship to touch, and when successful in their practices, they create exponential change.

ProCoach Systems

Bill Cole of ProCoach Systems helps organizations and people reach more of their potential in business, sports and life, by partnering with you to create significant and lasting peak performance solutions.

Pyramid Dynamics

Paula Pagano will give you the support, accountability, and personal challenge that enables you to differentiate yourself from your competition -- why be satisfied with good when you can be so much more?

Tips For Health

Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman is focused on the healthcare industry, who is passionate about the shifts that need to happen to deliver healthcare instead of disease care.


Success with Joy! is a proud member of the following worthy professional associations:

Bay Area Professional Speakers
BAPS is an alliance of top professional speakers, facilitators, and speech coaches based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
American Business Women's Association
Bringing together businesswomen of diverse occupations to provide opportunities and growth personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
Helpful information for those who wish to visit or schedule an event in San Francisco.
Association for Computing Machinery
Founded in 1947, the ACM is a major force in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students worldwide.
Professional Convention Management Association
The PCMA delivers breakthrough education and promotes the value of professional convention management.
National Speakers Association
The NSA is the leading organization for those who speak professionally.

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